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Me: Llio


I’m a weaver living by the sea in West Wales. My interest in textiles began at a very young age having been raised in a small village that had two traditional weaving mills. After a few years studying, and overseas employment in the textile industry in New York and Scotland I returned home to further my craft in Wales.

One of my main interests is to develop the relationship between hand weaving and the traditional woollen industry within Wales. The feeling of belonging to country and culture is important to me and one way of expressing this is through my work. I see weaving as a way to bring together industry and culture.

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I work on a traditional dobby loom which fills every corner of my small attic studio. Living and working in the same space allows me to experiment with colour, pattern and yarns. It also allows me to see how the cloth works in day to day spaces before developing my design choice.

Colour is a big part of the design process, looking at proportion, scale and geometric shapes. I create paper designs to see what ideas develop, and then move on to the loom. When hand weaving bespoke cloth, the design develops as I weave enabling me to adapt the work as it grows.



30 miles from my studio is one of Wales’ remaining weaving mills. The weavers here have over fifty years experience. Working with them is very much a collaboration.

I hand weave the samples on my dobby loom and following discussion with the mill, the design is developed to be taken forward into production. The weavers work on ‘dobcross’ power looms creating cloth full of outstanding quality and beautiful detail.